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All About Electro Shack Inc.

Our Background

Communication Tower

Electro Shack Inc. has proudly been one of the leading telecommunications companies in Liberia since 1984, specializing in fiber connectivity via wireless solutions, VSAT, and VoIP services.

The business unit offers integrated wireless communications in many African countries, including broadband, domestic, and international fixed line services, to residential and business customers. Since 2003, Electro Shack Inc. has been providing its clientele with world-class networking and Internet technologies and industry-leading customer service and has made its way to becoming Liberia’s largest satellite Internet seller over the years. It offers broadband satellite Internet services and satellite VPN services to its customers and is a full-service satellite Internet access provider serving the best corporate satellite Internet users. Electro Shack Inc. is committed to the vision of keeping everyone connected. It is this commitment, driven by a passion for innovation that ensures all our customers are given the most robust solutions to their needs. Given the dynamic nature of requirements, we closely work with our clients to develop unique solutions to any issues we may face. In line with this consulting model Electro Shack Inc., Internet Solutions develops its own technology solutions that extend beyond just wireless Internet and wireless broadband.  

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